• Freedom to Drive Stupid Cars

      GM recently announced that they will close doors on the Hummer brand.  I’m surprised environmentalists aren’t dancing in the streets.  Libertarian comedian/magician Penn Jillette says good riddance to the Hummer:

      Hummers are stupid and wasteful and if they go away because no one wants to buy one, that'll be just a little sad. It's always a little sad to lose some stupid. I love people doing stupid things that I'd never do—different stupid things than all the stupid things I do. … Some of us want to drive a Hummer, some of us want to eat sheep's heart, liver and lungs simmered in an animal's stomach for three hours….

      The Hummer is an expensive gas-guzzler.  But some people want to own one. Usually the market sorts stupid ideas from good ones.  Penn is angry because he thinks the car is going under because of stupid government rules, not market forces:

      [I]f any part of the Hummer going belly-up are those government rules we're putting in on miles per gallon, or us taking over of GM, then I'm not just sad, I'm also angry. Lack of freedom can be measured directly by lack of stupid. Freedom means freedom to be stupid. … You don't need any freedom to go with majority opinion. … We need to protect other people's stupid to save freedom for all of us.

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