• Even More Pointless Government Work

      I reported recently on a government boondoggle proposed for sleepy Forest City, Maine. To keep the stimulus cash flowing, the Feds wanted to waste millions of your money to expand a customs border station that sees only 5 cars cross the border on an average day.

      Jane Johnson told us that the government wanted to take half of her property to build residences for customs agents and a parking lot. The parking lot would be within 12 feet of her home.

      But on Friday came word that Homeland Security had backed down a little. It would not seize Johnson's land.

      DHS said Friday that it would limit the size of the port of entry to land already owned by the government, backing away from the previous plan to acquire land owned by local residents.

      Of course, many millions will still be wasted on the station, but at least Johnson's property is safe. Johnson credits her senator, Susan Collins for beating back the government's encroachment. Johnson says media coverage also helped.

      "This sort of thing could happen (and does happen) to anyone -- people do not realize the power of the Feds. It is frightening, as an individual, to be up against that power."

      Give Me a Break