• Major League Nannies

      Rep. Henry Waxman has decided that Congress needs to probe, of all things, the use of chewing tobacco in Major League Baseball.  Waxman is famous for leading the charge against steroids in baseball.  In person, I’ve found the Congressman very pleasant.  As a public official, he is a clueless, intrusive bully.

      Waxman said: "We don't let baseball players go stand out there in the field and drink beer. Major League Baseball won't allow them to step on the field and smoke cigarettes. So why should they be out there on the field -- in sight of all their fans on television and at the ballpark -- using smokeless tobacco?"

      Why is it any of our business? Chewing tobacco may be a gross and unhealthy habit, but it’s up to the MLB to ban it. Pro baseball is a private business.  If the teams think it’ll better their image to ban smokeless tobacco, then they will do it.

      ESPN spoke to players who said a ban would be “ridiculous” and “stupid.”   But Congress may not take no for an answer. Nanny politicians like Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) don’t understand a world where some people do things they wouldn’t do. She said: "Why don't they just chew gum if they feel the need to chew something?"