• Brilliant Government Testing

      With health "reform" signed, government will finally step in to decide which medical treatments work.  What a relief! We waste money on ineffective medicine.

      Perhaps Congress will model its medical certification on the EPA's and Energy Department's Energy Star program.

      Energy Star distinguishes energy efficient products which, although they may cost more to purchase than standard models, will pay you back in lower energy bills within a reasonable amount of time.

      Then tax credits go to people who buy Energy Star products.

      But this week the Government Accountability Office reported on its test of the EPA’s testing.

      GAO obtained Energy Star certifications for 15 bogus products, including a gas-powered alarm clock.

      Even worse: The GAO attached a feather duster to a space heater, sent the photo to the EPA, and got approval in just 11 days. The GAO adds that, thanks to the Energy Star rating:


      Consumers who purchase the product would be eligible for some state rebate programs.

      The GAO invented four fake companies. The NY Times notes:

      The fake companies submitted data indicating that the models consumed 20 percent less energy than even the most efficient ones on the market. Yet those applications were mostly approved without a challenge or even questions.

      The EPA responded by saying that most Energy Star products are not frauds. How would they know?

      Perhaps the testing program is too new, so they need more time to perfect it? Oops, no. Energy Star is 18 years old.

      I can’t wait until they tell me which heart drug I should take.

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