• Journalism's Parasites

      DanRather2Dan Rather and socialists like the Columbia Journalism School promote the idea that taxpayers should cut checks to help journalists. That journalists are supposed to be the watchdogs, not lapdogs of government doesn't resonate with many on the Left.

      Now word comes from the SF Weekly via Instapundit that another news organization has already grabbed a piece of that pie. The San Francisco Public Press, a “public-interest” news outlet, now pays the salary of an editorial staffer with money from a jobs-stimulus program.

      (Director Michael) Stoll would not disclose how much money multimedia producer Monica Jensen is receiving through JOBS NOW!, saying the information is a private personnel issue. However, he said that the city is currently paying her entire salary, which he described as "competitive." An official at the city's Human Services Agency, which oversees JOBS NOW! -- administered through the city, the program's money comes from federal stimulus funds -- did not disclose the grant amount...

      Will sucking at City Hall's teat affect the integrity of that reporting?

      Not at all, said Stoll. "I think in the industry we're all trying to grapple with how to sustainably do journalism," he said. "You get into the subject of public funding, and people automatically have an allergic reaction to that. But it's not that simple." He noted that NPR and PBS, to name two esteemed news sources, both receive ample funding from the federally backed Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

      Actually, it is that simple. Journalists shouldn’t get government funds. Using NPR and PBS as a defense reminds me of the child who killed his parents then pleaded for mercy because he was an orphan.