• More Pointless Government Growth

      LOGO.jpgThe five residents of tiny Forest City, Maine, on the US/Canadian border, had a quiet life. There is a border crossing, but it's sleepy; fewer than five vehicles cross here each day. The Bangor Daily News quotes Jane Johnson, who has lived here for thirty years.

      “Sometimes you see only two cars go through there a day, and other times there are no vehicles coming through here at all,” she said. “We are talking about a port that is only open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is closed on Sundays and holidays. Most of the time the residents are the only people to use the port.”

      But Johnson has learned when there is federal government stimulus money to spend, no place is safe.

      (Johnson) was shocked earlier this month to hear of a proposal by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to demolish and replace the current land port of entry in Forest City with a new, larger and more expensive facility... a modernized, larger port of entry featuring enhanced technology and updated infrastructure. Officials with the agency said earlier this week that the proposed facility, which includes plans for a four-lane road to cross from the U.S. into Canada, would help prevent illegal activity and for better traffic control...

      A project to enhance the Forest City port would be paid for with American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds.

      Oh, stimulus money -- that explains it. A Customs Dept. bureaucrat explained the national priority for anyone too dense to get it.

      “Modernizing the Forest City port will address an important national security need. By making critical upgrades to the port, we will meet essential post-9-11 security and operational standards while fulfilling the economic goals of the Recovery Act."

      The goals of the Recovery Act must be met. Government only grows.