• Hollywood Gets It Wrong

      My recent show on prohibition discussed how government, thanks to former Congressman Al Gore’s ban on the sale of kidneys, kills thousands of Americans every year.  Selling organs for money may seem repulsive to you, but no one proposes forcing you to sell.  We libertarians just want to allow consulting adults to be allowed to engage in commerce—all kinds—with no restrictions.   Allowing organ sales would save lives and eliminate the dangers inherent in the black market organ trade.

      Hollywood, of course, is repulsed by the thought.  The new movie Repo Men envisions a future with an unregulated organ market.  A big, evil corporation sells artificial organs to sick people, on credit.  If customers can’t make their payments, the corporation sends out repo men to take the organs back by force.

      How predictable of the movie industry to portray for-profit organ selling as murderous and inhumane. As Reason Magazine’s Peter Suderman points out, the movie ignores basic economics:

      Even if regulators (nowhere to be found in the film) or social pressure (also absent) hadn't put a stop to the practice of repossession-via-murder, competition probably would have, as organ companies would've quickly sought to attract customers by dropping the harshest contractual terms. Doctors, too, would've been unlikely to participate in [the corporation’s] grisly scheme, knowing its eventual deadly outcome.

      ... Why would any for-profit entity spend so much on literally murdering their best potential sources of income?

      They wouldn’t, of course.  But Hollywood writers are hostile to any form of commerce they don’t understand.

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