• Bottled Water Hysteria (II)

      After I trashed her film on the O’Reilly Factor, the director of the film, “Tapped,” called.  In her voicemail, she says:

      “Just calling to invite myself on the Stossel show. [Stossel] had several of his facts incorrect, and I think he needs a more formidable opponent. So I would like to come on and set the record straight, because obviously it’s offensive to hear that your film is ridiculous. And I don’t think O’Reilly was well prepared. So, let me at it. Allow me a chance to enlighten him [Stossel].”

      My researcher called her to ask what facts she took issue with, and she responded: “I’d rather point them out to Stossel on air. I’m not giving him my Ace card.”

      Should I have that debate? Should I invite her on my show?

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