• Clinton Tells the Corrupt to be Honest

      Just days after Guatemala's drug czar and national police chief were both arrested on charges of drug corruption, the Washington Post reported this weekend that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged corrupt Latin American governments to, well, try harder to fight corruption:

      ... The previous national police chief was jailed in 2009 on suspicion of stealing $300,000 from drug traffickers. A previous drug czar, Adan Castillo, was caught on tape accepting $25,000 from a Drug Enforcement Administration informant

      ... Clinton has said that ... the Obama administration wants governments there to work harder to confront corruption...Congress has authorized $1.6 billion for fighting drug trafficking in Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic and Haiti under the three-year Merida Initiative.

      So, let's get this straight: Both Guatemala's drug czar and national police chief have been arrested for drug corruption. Their predecessors? Also arrested for drug corruption. And the Administration's response? Spend over a billion more on the same strategy.

      It's maddening to read articles like this. Nowhere does the article even consider the obvious possibility that drug prohibition is the root of drug corruption. It's not like Latin America struggles to deal with alcohol or coffee corruption.

      War On Drugs