• Entitled Students

      University Cuts ProtestsSomething bothered me watching college students protest tuition increases this past week. Governor Schwarzenegger's reaction bothered me too. Years ago, he professed to be a student of Milton Friedman. But now he's just another cowardly politician.

      Although still facing an enormous deficit, he proposed to increase funding for higher education by 12%. A few thousand people at Berkeley threw a fit, and the governor responded by promising hundreds millions more...

      That’s from Peter Robinson’s Op Ed this weekend, which neatly sums up the students’ attitude:

      They demonstrated the entitlement mentality and self-absorption that has come to dominate much of higher education.

      Robinson shows that the entitlement mentality only grows.

      Despite the budget cuts, California will this year devote $3 billion to the U.C. system. That's about $13,000 per student—more than the $10,000 per student that Illinois devotes to the University of Illinois and better than double the $6,000 per student that New York devotes to the SUNY system. Yet Mr. Schwarzenegger did not denounce the agitation at Berkeley. He gave in to it.