• Wax Your Chest for the Environment

      Cannes Indiana Jones Photo CallAl Gore and Harrison Ford love to lecture us about how destructive we are to the planet. But at least -- as far as I know -- Big Al never had his chest waxed to make the point.

      I somehow missed it in 2008 when Ford went "green"on Access Hollywood.

      And just how did Harrison, who is the vice chair of the global environment group Conservation International, want to get his message across?

      By waxing his chest, of course.

      In an effort to showcase the pain involved in deforestation, Harrison willingly subject himself to the painful process of stripping his chest of all its follicles.

      Big Hollywood points out that Ford should heed his own lectures.

      Ford’s just another elitist Hollywood hypocrite whose concern over “the tons of carbon” the rest of us emit into the atmosphere doesn’t apply to him.

      Mr. Chest Wax likes to jump into one of his many aircraft and fly up the coast …. for a cheeseburger.

      The Seattle PI discovered that:

      (Ford) recently revealed in an interview the extent of his love for piloting, telling Britain’s Live magazine, “Learning to fly was a work of art. I’m so passionate about flying I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger."

      Nothing like leading by example.

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