• Danger: They’re Looking Out for Your Health and Safety

      Bureaucrats love to acquire power over your life under the guise of providing for your "health and safety."

      In Arizona, that concern left a woman to sleep in her car for 11 nights.

      Christine Stevens had fallen on hard luck. She lost her job; a new one only paid $200 a week.

      When her electricity was shut off, she relied on sweaters, solar panels and batteries to keep warm.

      When the cops learned she had no electricity, they notified a code enforcement manager, who said:

      "Once we received notification from police that she had been without electricity for some time... we were very concerned about health and safety "...

      "We explained to her that the panels weren't enough to sustain a quality of life.”

      Stevens was given 24 hours to get electric service to her home. When she failed to do that, the bureaucrats condemned her home. Stevens moved into her car.

      Officials say if they had known Stevens' predicament they would have offered help. But why were they even involved with what happens inside her four walls?

      Oh that's right. They were concerned about her health and safety.