• Obama: The Big Wind

      "We should put more Americans to work building clean-energy facilities and give...(APPLAUSE) ... and give rebates to Americans who make their homes more energy efficient, which supports clean-energy jobs."

      Obama Airline Security

      Give, give, give. Then Congress applauds itself for spending your money.

      There was no shortage of wind in the President's State of the Union speech about "clean energy" jobs. The President still uses the “green” jobs line, but the Heritage  Foundation notes that Obama now apparently prefers the term "clean energy" for jobs in industries like wind power.

      New words, same failed ideas.

      Spain provides a case in point. With a world-leading quantity of both wind and solar electricity (both highly subsidized), Spain’s green-job creation should be second to none. However a study by Spanish economist Dr. Gabriel Calzada found 2.2 conventional jobs were destroyed for each green job created.

      That’s probably the case here, where the wind energy industry reports 1,500 to 2,000 manufacturing jobs were lost last year -- despite the US pouring $2.2 billion in stimulus into dozens of wind projects and wind turbine-component manufacturers.

      Without the stimulus funds, "Things would've ground to a halt," says Gary Hardke, president of the San Diego-based Cannon Power Group. It has installed 400 megawatts of wind power in Washington state in the past 18 months and secured $19 million in stimulus funds. Without the funds, the project "would've stalled out"...

      With the funds, the project steals productive jobs from other sectors of the economy. Call it clean energy or green energy, it's still a destructive subsidy.

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