• Fox vs. ABC

      I don't understand the Internet!


      When I enter "John Stossel" or "Stossel's Take" or even "Fox's Stossel blog" into Bing, Bing doesn't lead me to this webpage. It takes me first to ABCNews.com.

      In fact, sometimes the entire first page that Bing lists doesn't get me to this blog. What’s the problem? Don’t these search engines adjust? At least Google has finally come around. Is Bing just slow and stupid by comparison?

      I kind of liked Bing. I liked the idea of Google having competition. Even Google took until this month to make the change. I understand that my blog at ABC contained a lot of editorial material and links, but give me a break. I've blogged at Fox since October now. Enough already. Would you more sophisticated web users tell me if there’s something I should do differently?