• Avatar and Individual Rights


      I haven’t had time to see Avatar yet, but I read that the blockbuster is taking heat from folks on the Right, arguing that it is anti-American, anti-military and anti-corporate.   But in the Los Angeles Times today, Cato Institute Executive VP David Boaz has a different take.  He argues that conservatives have missed the issue at its core:

      Conservatives see this as or anti-capitalist. But they're just reacting to the leftist ethos of the film.

      They fail to see what's really happening. People have traveled to Pandora to take something that belongs to the Na'vi: their land and the minerals under it. That's a stark violation of property rights, the foundation of the free market and indeed of civilization....

      "Avatar" is like a space opera of the Kelo case, which went to the Supreme Court in 2005. Peaceful people defend their property against outsiders who want it and who have vastly more power. Jake rallies the Na'vi with the stirring cry "And we will show the Sky People that they cannot take whatever they want! And that this is our land!"

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