• Your Tax Dollars at Play


      As tax day approaches, the Washington Times provides examples of how government workers spend your hard-earned money. The Times dug through Freedom of Information Act requests and public records to report on a rogue's gallery of public servants who served themselves well.

      At the National Science Foundation (NSF), one senior manager extended trips and initiated travel "to facilitate his relationships with female companions, one of whom is an NSF employee," according to an internal inspector general's memo on the case. The trips included meetings in faraway destinations such as Tokyo, Vancouver and Paris.

      When asked by investigators whether it was appropriate to consider a woman's presence in Vancouver when deciding whether to speak at workshop there, documents show the official responded, "Yeah, why not?"

      That does seem to be the attitude of many who live off the taxpayers' dime; Pentagon officials questioned senior military officials about an extended stay after a conference so they could attend an all-day golf event outside Tokyo.

      One official later told investigators that he "has found the golf productive in terms of conversation going back and forth, the communication and to provide a team-building opportunity."

      Oh, that puts a whole different light on it.

      Food for thought as you write that check to the IRS this year.