• Green Bullies

      Today's New York Times holds a mirror up to much of its readership: the sanctimonious liberals who know what’s best for us and insist we live as they dictate. And since we’re talking liberals, we’re talking environment.


      As awareness of environmental concerns has grown, therapists say they are seeing a rise in bickering between couples and family members over the extent to which they should change their lives to save the planet.

      In households across the country, green lines are being drawn between those who insist on wild salmon and those who buy farmed, those who calculate their carbon footprint and those who remain indifferent to greenhouse gases.

      Any issue that causes liberals discomfort merits calling in the therapists.

      (T)herapists agree that the green issue can quickly become poisonous because it is so morally charged. Friends or family members who are not devoted to the environmental cause can become irritated by life choices they view as ostentatiously self-denying or politically correct. Those with a heightened focus on environmental issues, on the other hand, can find it hard to refrain from commenting on things that they view as harmful to Earth — driving an oversize S.U.V., for example.

      The green bullies have hectored us since the ‘60s. Now that their insane demands are damaging their families and relationships, maybe they’ll wise up and realize there’s room on their planet for lifestyles beyond their own. Maybe. I won’t hold my breath.

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