• Free Cuban Health Care

      Michael Moore, in his movie Sicko, lauds Cuban health care. Everyone gets free treatment. Too bad Americans have to pay and suffer. Of course, many socialist systems offer “free” treatment. I wonder if it's worth what they pay for it.


      I also wonder if Moore saw the news that 26 patients in a Cuban mental hospital died of hypothermia. The reason?

      A Health Ministry communique read on state television blamed "prolonged low temperatures that fell to 38 degrees..."

      Ed Morrissey asks:

      When was the last time anyone heard of patients dying in an American hospital of hypothermia caused by their stay in the facility? According to my recollection, that would be, uh … never. Where were the staff at this Cuban paragon of medical care? When it got cold, no one apparently thought to close windows, or give out more sheets and blankets, or bring in more heaters … for hours.

      Maybe Michael Moore has the answers.

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