• No New Taxes… for Me

      BRITAIN EARTH CHALLENGEVirgin Atlantic airlines owner Sir Richard Branson, with eco-blowhard Al Gore at his side, made a bold challenge in 2007 when he offered a $25 million prize to anyone who could slow global warming by removing at least a billion tons of carbon dioxide a year from the earth's atmosphere. Branson said the "survival of the species" was imperiled by global warming trends.

       I give credit to Branson for putting his money where his mouth is, rather than demanding taxpayers’ money. 

       But fast forward to this week. Don Surber points us to this London Telegraph headline:

      Sir Richard Branson warns green taxes threaten to kill aviation

      Any move to impose green taxes on aviation at the Copenhagen climate change talks this week could kill the industry, according to Sir Richard Branson

      Branson doesn’t want any new taxes -- on his industry.

      The owner of Virgin Atlantic flew to Copenhagen in support of a global deal to cut airline, shipping and other transport emissions, which make up 20pc of the world’s total…

       Sir Richard said he drew the line at a new global tax when the industry has suffered so much in the recession.

      Good for him. We’re all taxed enough. But when one industry – like, say, airlines – is exempted from new taxes, others get stuck with the bill. And maybe those taxes kill that industry.

      Here’s a plan: If the greens want to fund their global warming plans, let them reach into their own pockets, as Branson once did.

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