• Free Golf Carts! (II)

      After last night’s show, lots of viewers wrote in asking how they could get a free golf cart.

      But others got the idea:

      Sirsickofit writes: “People, please asking for information on the golf carts.....Mr.Stossel is trying to make a point!! If you purchase these carts you will be adding to the problems, not solving any of them.”

      True.  I don’t want a handout from government -- I’ll give my cart to charity.

      Not only is the electric vehicle subsidy ludicrous because it forces taxpayers to fund free golf carts, it’s also destructive, because it creates more pollution, not less.  That’s because much of the electricity needed for their operation comes from burning coal.  As the The  National Research Council puts it:

      “Although they produce no emissions during operation, they rely on electricity powered largely by fossil fuels for their fuel and energy intensive battery manufacturing.”

      In addition, such subsidies are make-work jobs for unproductive tax accountants.   Check out how complicated the subsidy is. The IRS says my tax for the electric vehicle credit is:

      “(1) $2,500, plus (2) $417 for each kilowatt hour of traction battery capacity in excess of 4 kilowatt hours. Section 30D(b)(1) limits the amount of the credit allowed for a vehicle to amounts ranging from $7,500 to $15,000, depending on the gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle.”

      At least the IRS took the time to calculate the exact subsidy for my model, which I got from freeelectriccar.com.

      The electric vehicle subsidy adds pollution to the air and and creates wheel-spinning work for lawyers and tax accountants.  The green hysteria sucks so many good things from the country, and Congress makes life worse every time it meets.

      Green Energy