• Will Politicians Never Learn?

      KidsThe ruling class blithely assumes that government can fix America’s problems. They say they will “solve” global warming, spend away the recession, educate the kids, reduce foreclosures, take over health insurance, student lending, etc.

      But government repeatedly fails in its most basic tasks. The Miami Herald reports that child abuse hot-line workers now ignore thousands of abuse calls:

      A Broward sheriff's deputy calls the Florida child-abuse hot line to report that a 4-year-old had been molested by a babysitter as the sitter's boyfriend videotaped the assault. A hot-line counselor declines to forward the report to an investigator...

      A school guidance counselor reports a mother who had repeatedly missed doctor's appointments for her daughter, whose sickle-cell disease is so severe she is losing her hearing and needs a new liver. The report is rejected...

      A father is attempting to break into his estranged wife's home. He says he will kill his children. That call, too, is not accepted.

      Why would bureaucrats reject such calls?

      (T)o reduce workload -- and the system-wide stress that high case loads generate.

      Oh that. I knew there must be a good reason.

      Over time, civil servants tend to protect themselves before they protect the public. Yet soon they may preside over our health care...