• Time Gets it Right

      School busThe insanity crept up on us slowly; we just wanted what was best for our kids.

      OMG, even Time magazine, the most ridiculous of the newsweeklies, gets it right this week.

      Maybe it's the “stopped clock” effect.

      Nancy Gibbs writes about over-parenting. She doesn’t mention that Time encouraged it with its absurd scaremongering, but she does a good job highlighting the craziness.

      (C)rime went down, yet parents stopped letting kids out of their sight; the percentage of kids walking or biking to school dropped from 41% in 1969 to 13% in 2001. Death by injury has dropped more than 50% since 1980, yet parents lobbied to take the jungle gyms out of playgrounds, and strollers suddenly needed the warning label "Remove Child Before Folding."

      Time quotes the inventive mother.

      Lenore Skenazy, who to this day, when you Google "America's Worst Mom," fills the first few pages of results — all because one day last year she let her 9-year-old son ride the New York City subway alone...

      There is no rational reason, she argues, that a generation of parents who grew up walking alone to school, riding mass transit, trick-or-treating, teeter-tottering and selling Girl Scout cookies door to door should be forbidding their kids to do the same. But somehow, she says, "10 is the new 2. We're infantilizing our kids into incompetence"...

      It's the irrational responses that make her crazy, like when Dear Abby endorses the idea, as she did in August, that each morning before their kids leave the house, parents take a picture of them. That way, if they are kidnapped, the police will have a fresh photo showing what clothes they were wearing...

      (T)oo many parents, says Skenazy, have the math all wrong. Refusing to vaccinate your children, as millions now threaten to do in the case of the swine flu, is statistically reckless; on the other hand, there are no reports of a child ever being poisoned by a stranger handing out tainted Halloween candy.

      Of course, Time was instrumental in helping parents “have the math all wrong,” because the lefty rag has repeatedly done nasty scare stores on things like child kidnapping, vaccine dangers, and tainted Halloween candy.

      But at least they got this one right.

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