• Buried in the Times

      Today’s New York Times reports that in third world countries there is much more funding for glamorous diseases like AIDS compared to easier to treat illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhea. The cost of a year of AIDS treatment in South Africa can be $2000, but a child can be vaccinated against one of the biggest causes of diarrhea (with the rotavirus vaccine) for as little as $7. Many more kids die of diarrhea.

      The Times doesn’t mention it, but there’s a similar disparity in the US.  In 2001, AIDS research got $4,439 per patient from NIH, breast cancer $290, Parkinson’s $175.  Diabetes, which killed more people than AIDS and breast cancer combined, got $41.  Heart disease, the number one killer, got $58.

      AIDS has a lobby.  There are AIDS walks and a World AIDS Day.   I can’t find anything about a World Rotavirus Day.  I am not surprised that there are no Diarrhea Walks.

      Millions die because of such foolish policies.

      This important story in the Times was buried on page A10.