• Tax Dollars Flushed Away

      When an initial report by a government oversight board claimed President Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan had already resulted in 30,000 jobs, the White House said that was evidence the stimulus was working.

      Now the Associated Press has reviewed the stimulus contracts and found, oops, the government exaggerated the job numbers.

      The AP review found some counts were more than 10 times as high as the actual number of jobs; some jobs credited to the stimulus program were counted two and sometimes more than four times; and other jobs were credited to stimulus spending when none was produced.

      That's government math for you. Some of the examples the AP found are shocking even for government:

      A company working with the Federal Communications Commission reported that stimulus money paid for 4,231 jobs, when about 1,000 were produced.

      A Georgia community college reported creating 280 jobs with recovery money, but none was created from stimulus spending.

      A Florida child care center said its stimulus money saved 129 jobs but used the money on raises for existing employees.

      AP discovered that some people were very creative when counting "jobs created."

      Officials at East Central Technical College in Douglas, Ga., said they now know they shouldn't have claimed 280 stimulus jobs linked to more than $200,000 to buy trucks and trailers for commercial driving instruction, and a modular classroom and bathroom...

      You always suspected your money was being flushed away. Now you have proof.