• How Do You Misspell the Word "We"?

      Parents and teachers are quick to fault kids when they mangle English. But an investigation by San Antonio's WOAI-TV found that the kids may have learned their bad habits from the Educrats who created their textbooks. WOAI discovered that English textbooks about to be sent to Texas students are filled with hundreds of errors:

      One high school textbook misspelled the word "we." When describing an actor's "role" in a play, the book spells it "r-o-l-l."

      A 9th grade literature book refers to a poem as a piece of 21st century literature, even though it was written in 1911 and the author died in 1933.

      How do you misspell the word "we"? They spelled it, “wee.”

      The publishing companies said the textbooks were just first drafts that would be "cleaned up" before they make it into classrooms. But that doesn't wash with the TV station:

      (P)ublishers said the same thing about math books... in 2007 that were eventually found to contain more than 100,000 mistakes...

      Those math books are now in classrooms, and teachers continue to find errors.

      Apparently, the incompetence of the government school monopoly has spread far enough to poison its suppliers.

      Parents have long wrestled with the problem of kids who have difficulty reading. This 1955 Time article describes how author Rudolf Flesch came to write the seminal best-seller, "Why Johnny Can't Read."

      When (Flesch) offered to give a friend's twelve-year-old son some "remedial reading," Flesch discovered that the boy was not slow or maladjusted; he had merely been "exposed to an ordinary American school."

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