• Ducking the Deficit

      Robert Samuelson points out that bipartisanship isn’t dead. Republicans and Democrats have found a bipartisan solution to one policy issue. They work together to avoid making difficult choices. They want to have their cake and eat it too, and pass the buck to the next generation:

      What unites Democrats and Republicans is an unwillingness to have a serious debate about how big government should be. ... Liberals and conservatives agree to evade. Spending for the elderly dominates the federal budget, but no one discusses who among retirees deserves government subsidies and at what age. Liberals would increase spending (a.k.a., President Obama's health proposal) even before addressing existing deficits. President George W. Bush and congressional Republicans could have curbed spending. But they increased it even while cutting taxes...with deficits swelling, this easy road may soon close.

      Pre-October 2009