• Wrestling's Friend From Very High Place

      Wrestling the bull or bear market isn't the only kind of takedown happening on Wall Street: one of three United States wrestling team leaders has come straight from the financial capital of the world to cheer on Team USA in London.

      Billionaire Mike Novogratz, president of Fortress Investment Group, is a passionate and generous supporter of the sport. He wrestled for Princeton University and has since has worked hard to promote wrestling in local high schools and to underprivileged kids. At a time when there isn't a lot of fun happening in the financial world, Novogratz is having a blast as he helps guide the team through the maze of Olympics activities.

      He treated eight members of the team to tickets for the table tennis competition (it cost him $11,000 dollars and yes, he too was steamed to see empty seats in the tier below his). His team doesn't compete until the last three days of the Olympics so he told us in a FOX Business/FOXSports.com exclusive interview that they've sent the wrestlers to Belarus to continue training until closer to match day.

      In the meantime, Novogratz, who was a helicopter pilot in the Army before spending a decade at Goldman Sachs, is spending time at his Savile Row office working on his company's $46 billion portfolio.