• The Caffeinated Entrepreneur: A Fox Business Exclusive with Starbucks' Howard Schultz

      Time is an interesting thing. It can drag on slowly or slip through your fingers like mercury. 40 years may seem like a long time but when you're working to build a business, suddenly you turn around and decades have passed.

      Today Starbucks celebrated its 40th anniversary. The man who took it from a few coffee houses in Seattle to the global coffee behemoth it is today told me in a Fox Business exclusive that he grew up poor and "not particularly smarter than anyone else." He just dreamed bigger and was more persistent.

      If EVER there was an interview I'd want you to take the time to watch, it's my sit-down I did today from Starbucks headquarters with Schultz. His story of highs (turning the Frappuccino concept into a $2 billion dollar business) to lows (working without a salary while his young wife was pregnant with their first child) is a driver for anyone who aspires to create and build a business.

      Today, 40 years after Starbucks opened its first store, the company has 17,000 stores worldwide and has a plan for the future. We'll be following the SBUX story at Fox Business. Please watch the interview below and let me know if it inspired you.