• The Art of the Tell: How to (and Sell) Your Story/Business/Your Ideas

      In the world of business,it doesn't matter how good your idea or product is. If you can't seal the deal or sell the concept, you lose. In other words, if you can't tell it, you can't sell it.

      HOW do you do that? HOW do you find the key to being a dynamic story-teller who can communicate why people should buy you, your idea, your product?

      Thankfully, Peter Guber is alive and well and ready to teach you how. The Hollywood movie mogul/sports business giant happens to be one of the most generous people I know... not 'generous' as in handing out money. He may do that, but I'm talking 'generous' as in sharing intellectual know-how, sharing his ideas on how to tell and sell. That may be way more valuable.

      He's among the best when it comes to being motivational and inspirational, and this is not a guy who grew up having anything handed to him. He fought for every inch, every success. He says you can too. He's just written a book called "Tell to Win" and in he explains how to do it. Gang, watch the clip below to get a taste of it and his energy, and then read the book. I guarantee you'll grow from it.