• GaGa Over Estee Lauder Stock

      Since singer Lady Gaga signed on as a spokesperson for Estee Lauder company MAC's AIDS charity just one year ago, the stock has jumped 57%.

      One little $14.00 lipstick where 100 cents on the dollar go to MAC's AIDS charity was enough to create a halo effect for the rest of the company's products, according to John Demsey,EL's head of North American business.

      EL has many names on its masthead, from Origins to Clinique to Tom Ford Beauty. But MAC has been a huge driver when it comes to customer attention, especially when you puticons like Cher, Elton John and now Gaga--the first to have 2 years in a row as the face ofViva Glam lipstick.

      I've known John for years and have followed his career. He understands the hip factor and Zeitgeist of the fashion and beauty industry like no other. He's taken gutsy chances for the company. In a Fox Business exclusive yesterday, Demsey unveiled the newest Gaga shade of Viva Glam lipstick. Wanna see? click the link below and watch me put it on *my* lips! Let me know what you think!