• Working 12 Years For This Moment

      We shouldn't take companies like Medtronic [MDT] for granted. When they work 12 years straight to develop medical device that will only improve our lives, that's impressive.

      Today, in a Fox Business Exclusive, Medtronic Chairman and CEO William Hawkins held up a tiny device called the "Revo."

      It's an MRI-safe pacemaker. 5 million Americans have pacemakersbut because of the potential for MRI's magnetic fields to interfere withthe pacemaker's operation,many patientscannot get an MRI, even if they need it.

      The Medtronic gang set about more than a decade ago to solve that problem, just finally now got FDA approval and will perform the first operation to implant Revo in a patient TOMORROW.

      You've got to hear in the link below howMr. Hawkins describes its inner workings,and you'll see from the video-animation how it truly mends broken hearts on this Valentine's Day.