• Alcoa CEO to FoxBiz: The Economy and the Auto Industry are 'Totally Coming Back'

      Klaus Kleinfeld would know. The auto industry needs what his company makes. So do aerospace companies... and skyscraper builders. Alcoa, [AA] Aluminum Company of America, has been around since 1888, when aluminum was considered one of the rarest of metals and ran for about $545 a pound. (Napoleon III's baby rattle was made of jewel-encrusted aluminum. Swear. There's a picture of it on Alcoa's website!http://www.alcoa.com/global/en/about_alcoa/time_machine/time_machine.asp)

      Okay, back to CEO Klaus Kleinfeld. My point is, he is one of the best CEO's from whom we can get a read on the economy, both U.S.-centric and globally, along with the auto industry's health as well.

      If aluminum's use is becoming more widespread, should you own Alcoa? Should you own the physical metal itself? Some THREE new ETFs will be focused on aluminum. If those funds buy up aluminum, what will that do to the price? In a Fox Business EXCLUSIVE, Kleinfeld makes bold predictions I believe you should definitely hear. The clips are below.


      Alcoa CEO on global uncertainties like Egypt affecting companies like his

      Alcoa CEO on Aluminum Prices

      Alcoa CEO on the auto industry and supporting Clean Energy