• U.S. CEO on FBN in Davos Wins French Legion of Honor Award

      Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware, was just awarded---and this is very rare--- the French Legion of Honor award.

      No, he didn't win it for selling millions of Tupperware dishes that burp when you pop the top. He won it for his work helping to promote women in developing countries.

      Rick is one of the good guys out there. He shows up to every event-- be it our live location in Davos or on a stage in Turkey-- with his amazing, gorgeous wife Susan, and he always credits her when he talks about fighting for women's rights. Look... these CEO's don't have to do this kind of work, but Rick Goings traverses the planet trying to empower women to make their own money, rise up against those in some nations who try to keep them down.

      Have you ever seena French Legion of Honor? Watch the clip below, Rick shows us 'part' of his medal. Bien fait, Rick!