• FoxBiz Davos: Obama and Donohue; the Chamber of Commerce Now Working Together

      What started just months ago as a pretty tough fight has turned into a working relationship. Normally this wouldn't get a lot of attention in the business world, except that this time it involves the President of the United States.

      Tom Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is a Davos regular and stopped by our cameras to talk about how much better the relationship between he and the president has become.

      Just months ago, it was contentious with accusations flying back and forth. Charges by the USCOC that the President was anti-business were met with accusations that the USCOC was spending large amounts in the mid-term elections to defeat Democrats.

      Well, guess what? Cooler, smarter heads have prevailed. Hear how it came about from at least one side of what *was* a D.C. street fight but what is now turning out to be a conducive relationship.

      The clip is below!