• China to U.S. Companies: "Let's Make a Steal"?

      No less than 20 deals between Chinese and American companies were announced this weekin what appeared to be a all-coordinated announcement of New Age detente between the US and China.

      This as Chinese leader Hu Jintao met with President Obama this week at the White House.

      One of those companies is American Electric Power, the largest coal-fired utility in the U.S. The deal is flattering to AEP and its intellectual property: 3 gigantic Chinese utility/energy companies will learn from AEP's carbon sequestration ideas. These companies will send their Chinese engineers to AEP in Columbus, Ohio to learn how they do what they do.

      China (along with the U.S.) is the largest energy consumer on the planet. That means we both emit lots of pollution, but the U.S. is better at cleaning it up. That's, thanks in part, to the CEO of AEP, Mike Morris whose team is working hard to come up with ways to safely store and scrub coal emissions.

      Is he worried the Chinese will take his hard-fought ideas and run? Take a look at the clip below.