• Apple Beats Earnings Estimates to a Pulp

      Please don't act shocked.

      This is the 33rd quarter IN A ROW where Apple has beat estimates/guidance. It's the company's modus operandi: under-promise, then over-deliver.

      You're telling me a company filled with so many brilliant people can't figure out how to anticipate earnings a little more accurately? Who cares when it's a beat. They did beautifully. Congratulations.

      But of course, what about Steve?

      No mention in the earnings report about what blew apart the headlines yesterday First on Fox Business... that Apple chief Jobs would take his 3rd leave of absence due to illness.

      Apple "sans" Jobs... what would that look like? If you're a shareholder you want to know, if you're a consumer of Apple products, you want to know.

      Below in the clip is someone who has a good idea. Listen to the interview w/ Kara Swisher of AllThingsDigital.com. She's Ms. Silicon Valley and she makes a prediction.