• Lutnick Loves the U.S. Dollar, AND Tells How to Play It

      Listen to all the economists you want, butit'scertain people on Wall Street who might have the bestideas on how to make money of economists' predictions.

      Howard Lutnick is one of those people.

      The Chairman and CEO of Cantor Fitzgeral and BGC Partners [BGCP] joined me exclusively on Fox Business yesterday to game the 2011 economy.

      He flat-out feels the U.S. dollar can only strengthen in this atmosphere, even though the Federal Reserveis pumping lots of dollars into the economy through so-called 'large-scale asset' purchases (big bond-buying programs to prop up the economy).

      How would you play that?Iask Howard thatduring my two-part interview below. His company, BGC, is publicly-traded and the stock is up 80% year/over/year. Lutnick's doing a lot right. You might want to listen to him as well as to the economists.