• Who Will Win the Electric Car Race?

      Ford is focusing on winning that race. While GM has loudly proclaimed its Volt (which is not entirely all-electric) will be the leader, Nissan has pushed its Leaf, saying it has the solution. Then there's Buffett favorite, Chinese car company BYD which already has lots of all-electric vehicles (EV's) traversing China's roads, AND the company has opened a Los Angeles sales office.

      All this time, Ford CEO Alan Mulally has quietly worked on his company's version, and Thursday, in advance ofhis keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, he broke the news on Fox Business.Please watch him in the clip below as he reveals the news and explains the details, including the factthat the all-electric Ford Focus will be available this year, and made in the USA, in Wayne, Michigan.

      Let the racetruly begin!