• Porn+3D=Big Money for Friendfinder: First on Fox Biz

      Live from Las Vegas, Fox Business breaking the news that Penthouse-parent Friendfinder will launch the world's first 3-D porn channel.

      Friendfinder CEO Marc Bell and porn star Nikki Benzarrived at the Fox Broadcast location at the Consumer Electronics Show armed with the very first shot-in-3D adult film, entitled "Real Porn Stars of Chatsworth." (Chatsworth??? Why not Bakersfield? Menlo Park? You'll see in the clip below :+)

      The 3D porn channel, according to Bell, could be a huge revenue driver for the socialmedia network which has just raised $551 million in venture funding for new projects. And while Bell has his eye on3D profits, he stillcan'tlet go of something else he covets: Playboy [PLA]. His $210m offer for Hugh Hefner's gem still stands.

      We had such fun with this segment, and required me spending a good20 minutes in advance of the interview duct-taping the naughty parts of the DVD box. Take a look, you'll only see it on Fox Business!