• Intel's Otellini to FoxBiz: "Optimistic Pres. Obama Now Listening to Business"

      In a First on Fox Business interview live from the Consumer Electronics Show, a former critic of President Obama's when it comes to the President's relationship with American business struck a much more hopeful tone.

      Intel CEO Paul Otellini told me President Obamais now listening to business instead of criticizing it. Otellini was just one of only 20 CEO's invited to the White House last month. He described the meeting in the clip below. Here's why Otellini and his support matters.

      Intel has more than 80% of the global microprocessor market. They employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. They are a leader in technological innovation. Just check out the new computer/consumer electronicbrain they unveiled at CES: a semiconductor chip less than a square inch that has 1.9 BILLION transistors on its surface. Smart people work at Intel, and now, according to Otellini, President Obama is ready to embrace them and American business. Check out the chip below.