• Le "Best-of" Countdown to the Closing Bell 2010

      I was once lucky enough to attend the French Open tennis tournament years ago after talking my way into Stade Roland Garrosby using my Cleveland tv station press pass. I hung out with all the French media who kept saying during great match points "Put that shot in Le Best-of!!"

      I finally figured out they were talking about the highlight reel they would air at the end of the tournament.

      Gang, we've had so many great moments this year on Countdown-- too many to count-- and it only means we're making great inroads in the world of business television. Just take a look at all the leaders and luminaries who have come to be on the program this year. I thank YOU, because they see and understand that YOU are an audience worth reaching. Click the link below for some great fun from 2010.

      Happy New Year!