• His Financial Vector is Vietnam

      Imagine having been the guy to start stockpiling gold when it was $300 an ounce.

      Steve Leuthold of Leuthold Weeden *is* that guy.

      I've always listened keenly to his investment wisdom. His funds have a track record that Morningstar says outperforms funds in its league. Leuthold is highly respected in the investment world. He's fascinating too. Operates out of his home in an uber-remote part of Maine *BUT* insists on access to Fox Business, even waaay up there.

      So where's he putting his clients millions now?

      Leuthold is pulling back on bullishness when it comes to U.. equities and pouring money into Singapore and Vietnam. Why?

      Watch the clip below. Leuthold rarely goes on t.v. but when he does, we're happy to say it's on Fox Business.