• Blue Nile Looking at Green Holiday $ales

      He came up with the concept in 1998, and 12 years later, Mark Vadon, founder and Chairman of Blue Nile online jewelry company has quite an amazing company on his hands.

      How else would you describe a virtual jewelry storethat so expertly displays jewels on the webthat it's enough to have convinced at least one customer tohave plunked down $250,000 for a ring, without even having seen it in person?

      This is the week that matters most for retailers and Blue Nile has a lot to gain or lose leading up to Christmas.

      The stock is one heck of a survivor: NILE is now one of the largest vendors of engagement rings and wedding bands. And to think, it all started 12 years ago with Mark having a bad experience buying a ring at a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

      How will they do this quarter? click the link below, oh, and check out the sapphire ring he has that's bigger than Princess-to-be Kate Middleton's.

      Happy shopping!