• Aykroyd Like You've Never Seen Him Before

      And of course, it all happened during a Fox Business chat on Bulls&Bears.

      Dan Aykroyd, the Saturday Night Live superstar actor and comedian, is also a smart entrepreneur. He and his artist pal John Alexander came up with the concept of Crystal Head Vodka, a high-end spirit in a most unique, crystal skull bottle.

      They just marked the one millionth sale of the product and he came on to talk about that. However, just minutes before, the debate over the extension of tax cuts had just heated up as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont had entered his sixth hour of fillibustering on the Senate floor, *and* former President Bill Clinton had just held a news conference with President Obama to support the tax cut extension.

      We just HAD to ask Dan what he, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, thinks of this battle inside the beltway. Wait til you hear what he had to say about that and more.

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