• The Tiny Country That Beats U.S. Econ Growth

      A year ago this summer, on this very blog, I wrote about my trip to Israel where I interviewed Israel's Ben Bernanke, central bank chief Stanley Fischer. Back then Fischer explained that Israel would be fiscally responsible as the global economy pulled itself out of the financial crisis.

      Today, one and a half years later, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined me and David Asman to-- okay call it like it is-- crow about its growth.

      Israel has posted 4-5% GDP for the past FIVE YEARS.

      "We are a speed boat, while the U.S. is a cruise ship," Prime Minister Netanyahu said in defending America's anemic 2% growth.

      Okay, we get that the U.S. is huge compared to Israel (population around 7 million) but Israel scores major points when it comes to being fiscally responsible in both good times and bad.

      We interviewed him at noon at the Regency Hotel. David and I had to go through rigourous security measures: x-ray machines, our hands swiped for explosive powders, bomb-sniffing dogs. The Israelis could teach the world a thing or two about air-tight security, and, so it seems, about how to grow a business-friendly economy.

      Please listen to the 2 clips below... and remember, they're pulling off pro-business policy with the overhang of constant Arabconflict.


      [fbvideo 4411494]

      [fbvideo 4411492]