• SEC Chair to FBN: "I'll Sit Down With Repubs to Talk FinReg."

      A lot of Republicans who wrested seats from Democratsin the House of Representatives during the mid-term elections November 2ndran on a platform that often included the promise to alter or roll back parts of the new financial regulatory reform law.

      What does Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro think about that, considering how hard she pushed to make it a reality in the wake of the financial meltdown?

      Schapiro sat down with me today in a one-on-one interview for "Countdown to the Closing Bell" and flat-out said she'd be happy to meet with new House members. She pointed out the SEC worked well with Congress on the bill and she fully expects that relationship to continue.

      But what if they want clauses ripped out or changed? We discussed that, along with the new challenges of the SEC, including how to deal with the rising flood of high frequency traders, and lurking, would-be Bernie Madoffs.

      If you own a stock, you need to hear this interview. The clip is below!