• Watson Pharma CEO to FBN: "Don't Repeal Healthcare Law"

      Paul Bisaro runs the nation's 3rd largest producer of generic drugs in the U.S. and he says the healthcare law Congress passed has the potential to be a huge cost-cutter, especially if doctors and insurance companies push to use generics more.

      With extreme dissatisfaction running rampant over the past 10 years when it comes to the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, Bisaro, the CEO of Watson Pharmaceuticals [WPI]says the healthcare law is a start, and if it's tweaked----not repealed--- Americans will get what they need and want from healthcare. His stock is up 38% year/over/year.

      There's a massive and loud crowd of Republicans yelling that they won't be satisfied until the law is "repealed." Before you join that crowd, listen to Bisaro and what he has to say in the clip below.