• Say 'Hola' to the Power of Univision

      The numbers are staggering. Univision crushed it on Election Night, not just with hispanic viewers but the network ranked 4th in broadcast networks among adults 18-34 all last week.

      The company that has not just Univision Network, but TeleFutura, Galavision, Univision Studios, radio andinteractive is now considered one of the media giants, up there with the rest of us.

      Yesterday, in a Fox Business exclusive, CEO Joe Uva said advertising revenues are reviving in a big way. Ad spending on Spanich language TV rose 12.5 percent to nearly 2 billion dollars in the just the first half of this year. Univision owns the biggest Spanish-language tv and radio outlets in the U.S. You do the math.

      Please keep in mind the company has about $8 billion in debt on its books. Private Equity outfits like Providence and TPG are major investors. The company is highly leveraged, but has high growth. These investors want their money back and more so they're pushing hard to get Univision out from under this mountain of debt. How will Uva do it?

      Click on the link below. Not publicly-traded, I know, but folks,I believe it eventuallyWILL be and part of what we do differently at Fox Business is go where the soccer ball *will* be, not where it is *right now*.