• Music Mogul to FBN: "Steve Jobs is the CEO of the Music Industry."

      I get to talk to a lot of accomplished business titans but can I just admit I was really excited to interview Tommy Mottola, former head of Sony Music?

      Talk about a star-maker... this guy discovered and developed some of the biggest names in music from Barbra to Bruce to Billy, no last names required.

      He's in private equity now so he looks at the music industry from 30,000 feet---and that gives him (and us) a unique perspective of the business that has gotten hammered harder than perhaps more than any other industry (except maybe newspapers) by the internet.

      If you've ever listened to Beyonce, Mariah, Celine or most of the biggest acts ever, you need to hear from Mottola. He had a hand in all their success.

      The clip is below.