• JPM Chairman on the Consequences of Too Much Gov't Spending

      In a rare interview, Jacob Frenkel, Chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase International stopped by the Fox Business studios this afternoon to give us his view of the global economic picture.

      The man travels the world dealing in high finance and global politics that affect his business. He was forceful in his comments about financial regulation, the International Monetary Fund's perspective on the U.S.'s snail's pace growth and the real problems in Europe right now. Oh yes, and whether we should continue the pace of government spending.

      Frenkel's experience is extensive. He's the Chair of the "Group of Thirty" economic and financial minds. He ran Merrill's International division. He was the Director of Research at the IMF, and he ran the Bank of Israel.

      He's worth listening to in the clip below... and he only spoke to Fox Business. But of course!